. Love Simple Green: October 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

When it's Love

dress zalora
Dress: Zalora, Shoes :UP

Two things that i love in this world are dresses and green.
When i said love, i mean that things really makes me happy.
Here is how i styling my dress with my favorite sweater.
Wearing your favorite things, will makes you more happy. 
I'm happy when people notice me to be a miss green who like dresses.
Because i'm become me when i wore this things.
SO, what do you love?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Say "Happy!"


zalora dress

Dress: Zalora, Shoes: UP, bag : HK

Time will fly so fast.
Don't waste it! 
Because you will missing the greatest thing that will happen to you.
So, it's time to use the watch in your arms. 
Choose your watch wisely. Pick the right one.
(well, i will looking for that.)
The one that really remind you how great your life.
Find it the right store. For me, Zalora is one of my favorite place to shop. 
In that website, i can find the things that i love easily such, dresses, shoes, and also watch 
(I still looking the best one, my favorite is Swatch. Or you have another recomendation?)

"Do what makes you happy,  as well as shopping."
Shop the things that you love and buy in the store that sell the stuff you want.

So, what is the thing that always make you happy?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Living Around (the world)

zalora dress

Shoes: UP, Dress: Zalora, Bag: HK

I've been trying to think about the world everyday. Where i want to go, what i want to see, why i want to meet a stranger. I've always think how is like to live around the world. From one city to the others, meet the peoples and learn the culture.

Well, it just my random thoughts. Anyway, after, well almost a month since my last post, finally i try to write my blog again.

I've been thinking about my life lately. Do you know, i feel like i do a "swim" in this world. Yes, i look myself do a swimming and i've been drowned. I don't like being drowned. It feels like something stuck in my head and i really want to 'jump' it. 

So, maybe that's a life. When you swimming, you know what you want to reach. Then when you drowned, you will lift your hand and try to grab something. After that, you will continue to swim with a different direction. 

Maybe when today is not like what you did, you just in the wrong direction. Keep going and don't stop. Take a breath and let yourself keep looking what you really want to reach. Are you agree?