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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Twirl All The Time

Sneak peek my friends video pre-wedding behind the scene!


My last Sunday was fun. I helped my old friends made a pre-wedding video. Not just helping her, i made a script for her. Wow, i really excited for my new freelance job. Thank you for my ex-workmate, Devi, who give this opportunity for me. And thank you for William, the photographers and videographer, who already make my little dream come true. Yes, that's true, i always dreaming to make a movie someday. A short movie and i become a script writer. So happy.

So, can you imagine how i feel that i look all this dream come true? Yes, i trully happy. I think i'm ready for the next challenge. Well, you can see my first movie in here.

If you need a pre wedding script writer, please contact me in irenewibowo25@gmail.com, i really happy to help you make a story. Don't miss the sneak peek from my second video!

And i want to tell you guys this "Let's take a dance and TWIRL! :)"

twirl dress
Shoes : Vinci, Dress : Ezra by Zalora, Hat : H&M

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