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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You Just Know




Bag : From Yogyakarta, Heels : Up, Skirt : Unbranded

When everything seems not good, what you can look is the blur one.
When you think you are okay, what you can see is the worst one.
When you said to your life that would be fine, what you can hear is the bad one.
Turns out, you can't lie to yourself.
There is a time that would give you an answer.
What you need is to wait.
The perfect time is coming to you.

Well, this little poem is the part of sentences that came out when i saw those photos. I can't said it was really perfect. But what i can said is that photos make me happy. 

Somehow, you need to be patience to get what you want. The time can't lie to you. When it means to be, it will mean to be. Maybe the time when everything seems blur is the time that you will found out about the life. Something that you really knew from the first time. Here i am. Look those photo. I got the perfect pose with perfect angle. :)

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Porcelina said...

Those shoes are amazing!! Lovely outfit x