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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Working On The Weekend

This is what I got when I working in the Coffee Shop on the weekend : 

- No matter how hard your work, just try and do your best. Then, when you sit in the coffee shop, you will think like this, ” I almost get to my dream!”
- People come and go. Every minute, you will see a different people. Smile with them, because they are your inspiration.
- When you don’t know what to write, look the person in front of you or beside you. Just look and listen.
- Sit beside the window. Look the outside and the inside. Don’t afraid to let your mind get the ideas!
- If you alone, don’t feel alone. Play your music, and let your soul come into your world. Then, the ideas will be a good friends of you.
It's Fun! :)


Indy said...

I love working in coffee shops! The atmosphere sparks a different kind of creativity than just sitting at home does! And I love to people watch!

Marlen said...

I love working in coffee shops- it always feels a little more fun. Especially since there's yummy coffee and tasty cakes you can eat if you get bored, haha!

xo marlen
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Rakel said...

nice post!

Brewed Together said...

Love these. There is just a great atmosphere about coffee shops! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

pukimatok said...

beautiful ,clever words ... thank you : )