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Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm Jess Wanna be!


WedgesUP | dress : unbranded |

It was my first time trying a movie character style. I never plan to do that. It was my spontaneous thing (for style) in my life. When i took a photoshoot in my house, i thinking about Jess. Yes, i really love Zooey Deschanel style in Jess Character on New Girl. She is like a little girl and i like it.  ( i look like a "chinesse Jess" character)

Then, i sent my picture to #UpCompetition. Guess what? I WIN! Wow.. Thank you "I'm Jess wanna be!" I can say, this is my favorite teacher style. The shirt is from my old office friend, Kryza. She gave it to me before i resign from my first office. And the dress, one of my favorite dress ever.

Well, i still can't believethat i can do this. I got a little thing from this competition.
First, you must BELIEVE in YOURSELF!
Second, DON't BE SCARE to do something you never do before.
Third, JUST TRY!

Look my another remix from this dress in here.

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