. Love Simple Green: October 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Red Hat

red hat




                                Wedges: UP
                                Skirt     : online shop
                                Bag        : unbranded

I can't stop wear UP. Why? Because i fall in love with the models and the pattern. Here is my new UP wedges. Batik! I've been looking the wedges like this since a years ago.Then, she make this. This is so worth it. And another things that make me happy is i can wear with everything. As long my clothes don't have a pattern so it can still look simple. How about my bag? One of my favorites. 

The red hat is my only one hat that i ever have. I bought this in early year when i went to Bandung. I like it! Sometimes, what make yours photo look good is the accessories. Actually, i like the colorfull accessories like this one. How do you think?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When I Born in 1970's..

dress: flea market
wedges: UP
bag: Bogor

Probably, this is my first vintage dress. When i went to flea market a months ago, i found this beautiful dress. When i wore it, i felt like i lived in 1970's. I like this dress so much. But honestly, i kindly sad because this dress is to long for me. How do you think? Anyway, here is what i got from this dress. 

Enjoy your old life and be the new one! It called a future based from your past. Hahaha! Kidding! I'm just wrote what i thought in my mind. Literary, this is my favorite dress. Anyway, enjoy your day, fellas!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sometime What You Need to Look your Life is...

No matter how long you go
No matter what you take
No matter when you will
No matter how you search
Sometimes, to found the real life
you just need to do this.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pose! Shoot! Click! Viola!


Doing a photoshoot like this is one of my favorite things in my life. Maybe that because when i was be a little girl, i've been dreaming to be a model. But, because i don't have a tall body, i felt, oh, i can't be a model. Eventhough, now i feel lucky because today everyone can be a model! They can have their own magazine, they can try to do every pose they want and take a photo in everywhere.

 Another things that i really like with this activity, a remix things! I like to try something with my clothes. Like this one, i try to remix with a shirt and a beautiful boots wedges. And, i don't know how, but one little things like my green necklace, make my outfits look pretty. How do you think?


Shoes: UP
Dress: Unbranded
Okay, i want to make a confession in here. Actually, my photo quality is not really good. Because i used my camera pocket. That's why, the location photo that i always took is in the middle of my backyard. The lighting in there is really good.

I've a plan to buy a new camera. But, i don't know, sometimes i scare that i can't use it or i don't use it. Well, it is so silly. I thought i can make a good photo's only with my camera pocket. Well, maybe it's not really true. Anyway, i can give you some tips for you if you have a obstacle like me while you blogging.

- Take in the outside!
It can make your photos more good than you take in the inside. In my experience, that's true!

- Don't move really fast! 
Because it is a pocket camera, so, you should be careful with your movement. Somehow, that will make your photos look blur.

- Don't be shy! 
I believe, if today your quality photo's is not good enough, someday you can have a more good quality photos.

- Be Yourself!
Stop envy, try more, take a chance! Hmm.. it is so simple, even you don't have a good camera, it doesn't mean you can't have a good photos. You still can! But, just be yourself.

- Passionate
Simple right? Once you have a passion with this activity, everything will be great.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shall We Dance?



The things is always happen in our life. Bad or good, sometimes they just pop up like that. I don't really know why that can be like that. But i realize, here is a life! Silly but beauty. 

Like my new dress. The reason why i like to dress up, because i can feel a life in this dress. Not just a life but a pretty things. You can dance, you can smile and you can pose on your camera. It was fun! 

Enjoying your life is simple. Think positive, act positively. Throw the negative with a smiling face. Be yourself! Love yourself! Ah, too many quotes right? Anyway, just enjoy your day like when you pick the dress to wear it. Happy Holiday!

green dress

UP Shoes

Wedges: UP Shoes
Dress: Unbranded

The Ways to See Your Journey


Friday, October 4, 2013

Give Up Now?


Wedges: Up
Cardigan: Gaudi
Skirt: unbranded 

When you can still look the skies, why you should to stop?
I means, "Give up?"
Nope! You don't need it!
When you know you still have a chance, you should go for it.
I means, "Can you?"
Yes! Why not? Even is it hard.
Everybody knows, life is so d*mn hard.
So why?
When you can dream, you should to take a leap.
I means, " Try it, right?"
Yes! The ego trap is when you keep talk to your mind that "i can't or i don't want"
Let's take a dance!
Your life is full of dancing and music!
Your life is more than a colorful.
It is shining like a stars. 
Listen to the rhyme, take a step, and open your hand.

-Oktober Poetry-