. Love Simple Green: September 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Keep Smile!

green blazer


flowery day
dress: facebook online shop
Wedges: UP
Satchel Bag: Thamrin City

Okay, i think my internet connection was not good lately. I tried to post this on Sunday, but i can't. 
Anyway, i like the flower pattern on this dress, but i felt weird when i wore this because i never wear the dress like this before. And maybe because i have a petite body, right? This is look too long for me, is it?
But, that's okay, heels or wedges is always safe me. I look more tall on this photo's
So, i think here is a tips for all of you who have a some body like me. 
How to wear a maxi dress? Here they are!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Dancing, Pinky and Jeans




Wedges: UP
Dress: Gaudi
Jacket Jeans: ITC Mangga Dua

Honestly, i'm not a pinky girl. When i was a little, i used to be loved with this color. But, since i meet with a 'green', i fall in love with green. So, i'm a green girl! Why green? A simple answer is because green is a calm color. Yes, everytime i see green, i feel more confident and relax. 

Anyway, i love my outfit that day. Dresses always CHEER ME UP! Every color is always make me happy Especially, when i wore it with my favorite shoes brands, UP! So, what do you think?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Traditional Indonesia Wedding- Palembang




So, like my promise in the last post, here they are: the photo's from my friends wedding. They wore the Palembang Traditional Wedding dress. Well, i feel more proud to be Indonesian when i saw this beautiful wedding. The tradition, the dance, the dress and the decorate! How do you think? 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Take A New Spirit!


lace dress


UP wedges, Zalora Dress

Today, i went to my old office friend wedding. She wore a traditional dress from Sumatra- Palembang.She was so pretty. I will upload the photo's as soon as possible.

Well, here is my dress for today. I love this dress so much! How do you think?

Nowdays, i like to wear a simple dress to the wedding. Because when i was a little, my mindset for a party-wedding dress is must be a black, a little bit 'complicated' and not easy to wear. Feel glad right? But i still like all the kind of dresses from formal, semi formal and simple dress. 

So, tomorrow, let's take a new spirit!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Anything Could Happen!

Green Stripe

Up Shoes


Up Wedges, Colorbox Skirt, Unbranded bag

Yesterday, i realized something bad will happen with my life. So, i asked myself, 'am i ready for the worst?' That's the negative think! Yes, i knew it! But, i can't handle my mind! Or i can? 

Okay, anything could happen. Even it is a good or a bad condition. Sometimes, we need a preparation right? Or we not?

Anyway, depends on what will happen, i believe God have a reason to me. That's a good reason! It called a faith!  I believe God will make something and give a greatest thing into my life.

Well, i can't lie to myself, i have a 'crisis' life. That make me want to move out from my home city. I kind bored to live in this city. My dream, i want to live in many country and city. I want to meet a lot of people! I want to speak English with them. I want to traveling around the world. Live and work where ever i want, without complain but with a BIG HAPPY life. That's what i imagine. I know, in the reality, sometimes it would be impossible. But who knows?

Maybe what i need now is to make a list. Where i want to go? Why i want to go there? What makes me want to go there? How i can go there? My journey and my destination is depends on my mind and my imagination right?

Okay. Just keep pray! Work hard! And make it happen!