. Love Simple Green: June 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Okay, June is all about SMILE!

My Last Sunday on Writing Class

Today is my last day on writing class. I took this class ten weeks later. Every Sunday i must take two hours bus until i got there. The class is very far from my house. I lived in North Jakarta, so i must go to the South Jakarta. Believe me, i've been tired but it's very fun! I've got a new friends and a new experience. So, that's so worth it, right? For me, it is.

Actually, this is my very first time to take a writing class. I've been stubborn for so long. I thought i don't need a class, but i was wrong. Suddenly, i really need it. Another things, i can learn how to be a creative in writing worlds, from making a story until the articles. Basicly, it's about a technique, logical and a storyline. And i've got it in this class! I've been bless that i got this class! Seriously!

So, one of my wish list for a new life is  done! Now, this is my time to take a more practice and prove it to myself that i really can do it!

Last but not least, here is my photo with the teacher. Her name is Ayu Utami. She is a famous writer in Indonesia. One of my favorite ( a little bit blur. but that's okay!)
ayu utami

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Same Pose, Same Smile

Shoes Up, skirt unbranded, shirt Bangkok

When i took these photos, i didn't realize. But when i put on my computer, well, i took the same pose in there! It's silly. I took three times, and all the same. But, i kind a like it! Actually, when i took a photos, i just want to see how i looked with this outfit. That's what i always did. So, how do you think? It's bad or it's good?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Morning : Big Smile!


Hello Sunday! I started this Sunday with taking this photos. How do you think? One with a big smile is my favorite because i never been good when i took a photos with a big smile. But this photos, now is become one of my favorite smile! I'm seems happy. I look to something that i don't know. Actually, i just look a sky. Even there was no a birds in there. I just make a pose in front my 'timer' camera! 


Here are my favorite 'accompany' for my outfit. Bags and shoes! My bags is the cheapest bag i ever have. It's only  50 IDR or 3 bucks! The shoes is my new 'IWEARUP' collection from my favorite blogger. She is Diana Rikasari. I really like this! Seriouslly, it's so pretty! You can wear this with everything. A shorts and tights, a dress or a long pants. Even with a jeans, you can still look stylish. 


UP SHoes


Last pose for today!  Love it! I pretends like i'm walking and i found something that make me happy! Again, another big smile! Love Sunday! How about you? Hope you have the same feel too.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Holding Hands Sketch

I just want to hold you...
I just want to love you...

-David Choi-

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

No need worries...

Seriouslly, this is the best quotes ever for your journey.. Don't kill your dream! Don't let it go! keep walking!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

This Sunday, Let's vanish!


flare skirt

shoes popflats, skirts + tops Bangkok

Hola Sunday! This week, i spend three days at home. Actually, i plan to go for holiday, but  i must worked for something else. Beside that, in Friday and Saturday, i spend my time for a movie estafet! It's really fun!

If you see my photos, i wore a flare skirts. How do you think about flare skirt trends? Well, basicly, i really love it. Do you ever see the pastel flare skirts? I put that in my wish list. flare skirts is easy to mix and match. And, yes it's like a tennis player outfit, right? 

Anyway, this is my song of the week!! I just found this band (i'm pretty bad for a song, i just know about a mainstream band, but still looking for indie bands). I mean, not all the people know them right? I think they are an indie from US. Well, do you know "A Rocket From To Moon"? I believe all of you knowing this band. Especially if you lived in USA. I like their song! Seriouslly! I just found in youtube when i was listening a Two Door Cinema Club. Or maybe just me who don't know about them? My bad! So, if you can help me, please share with me in the comment, who is your favorite indie band? From Around the worlds! 

And here is my favorite song from A Rocket From The Moon- Going Out

Let’s go out, let’s get crazy

Maybe’s not allowed
Drop everything you have that gets you down
'cause we’re going out 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

pastel with neutral colors

pastel with neutral colors

pastel with neutral colors by irenewibowo featuring motorcycle shoes

If you have a white, grey or black outfits, it is the time to use it! Whether you want to wear a pink buster with your white skirt or green mint dress with your brown boots. It’s still can make your pastel colors looks simple! I really like the pastels colors and it's more than like a trend for me. I like to playing with those and it always boost my mood. I think  it because that colors so eye catching and feels calm. 

How do you think?

This is why you must fight for your life and how..

Monday, June 3, 2013

Smile like a diamond!

I'm join in the competition! Basicly, this is a "white tee battle". What you must do is take a photo's with a white tee. You just need a mix and match. Then, you need to prove that you are the trendsetter. So, here is my outfit! You can vote me in here


adorable projects boots, J-rep skirt, cache-cache tights

Saturday, June 1, 2013

How To Dress Up Your Day?

I supposed to be post this review yesterday. Sorry for my late. Well, in this post, i will show to all of you how to dress up you day? Why dress can make you smile? I shared in this post. Hope you like it!

My favorite Birdie Dress is make me smile. It's so simple and it is really work when i wore with my iwearUP wedges. I like that shoes. It's kind like boost my mood. That's what i can say and it's true. My favorite dress and wedges. Perfect day!

Flowers! I always love the flowers pattern. I never feel false when i mix this with the others pattern. I think flowers is a neutral pattern ever. Even when i mix with stripes, it still look great for me. Do you agree with me? That's why i love this patterns so much. Never make me failed!

I wore this on my 25th birthday. Well, the boots is my favorite! I got the inspired from Zooey Deschanel. She is my fashion style! I like her style so much. When i wear this style, i feel more confidence. This outfit always encourage me to feel a happiness. Seriously! Well, welcome to my silly life, Guys!

How to prove that i really like dress up? Just look my smile. When you dress up, the first thing that you really like your dress is your smile. That's why this photo became one of my favorites for this month. You can check me in this dress on Chictopia and please share with me what do you think girls! 

Boots and Dress always be a perfect combination. I can wore this  in every events. This color of dress is look beautiful for me. How do you think girls? Do you like this?
I think when you dress up, you don't really need to much think about what people say to your dress. Just wear the dress that really suit with you. If that dress can boost your mood, i think you already did it a good job. Fashion is a story. When you dress up, you tell to them what is your story about.