. Love Simple Green: May 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The idea about life is...


When you will start your life? Start tomorrow morning. Everything's changing. You will begin your journey again. Step by step will show you the path of puzzle. You will know it if you make a decision now. How you will enjoy your day tomorrow?

The whole story will begin again tomorrow. Smile. Enjoy. Love. Suprises. Everything could be happen. 

This is an adventure of life! 

Good night!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birdie Dress!

unbranded dress, UP wedges

Life is unfair? Well, maybe for sometimes. I don't really believe about that. What i know, life is life. No matter how is going, it just a life. You have a free choices to be what you want. I'm not saying, my life is good. What i want to share is an ordinary life.

Today, i just found a good quotes about this. "Keep going no matter what!" It is simple right? Yeay, it does. but your mind is not that simple. I had been a coward since a high school. I never be brave to go out from my house. Then, in one day, i realized, i can't be like this anymore! i must go out! I must make a choice to be what i want.

And, here is what i want. I want to keep wearing dress everytime. I want to keep smiling  in front of my camera. I want to keep writing until i don't have time anymore.

Maybe, when doubt sounds creepy, it's the time to pray!

Have a nice day!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Polkadot





gaudi dress, boots unbranded
photo by The Photograph

The new things is always fun. Sometime you will not realize what will happen with you. 
If it will meant to be, it will.
Life is like a dots. That's why i really enjoy to wear this dress.
I bought this dress almost three weeks ago. When i first saw this dress, i fell in love.
I has been wear dress since five years ago.
I found my life in this style.
That's why i really enjoy to wearing dress in everwhere.
That's it!
The polkadot make my day! 
Thank's again to my sister friends who took this photo.
I look pretty in that photos.
Love it!
How do you think, guys?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What happen with our mistakes?


street outfit


UP wedges, unbranded skirt + shirt

I never told this before but i know someday i must talk about it. How many mistakes i made in my life? Well, i think a lot of mistakes. So, what will happen with my mistakes? That's life. If you never make a mistakes, you will never know that is a mistakes.

But, somehow, i'm to scare to make a mistakes! It's a opposite with what i already wrote right? Yes, i know.  That's me. Again, i hate to be scare to make a mistakes. A lot of peoples outside there made a lot of mistakes. I think that's okay as long you know it is a mistakes and do something to make it better.

Mistakes will make you be brave!
Mistakes will make you do something!
Mistakes will make you realizes that you have a precious life.
Mistakes will make you to take an action for get your better life.
Mistakes will make you strong for some a reason!

That's okay for your mistakes. But Don't live to long in your mistaken.Don't waste your life with your mistaken.

You have a chance to change it and make it better. As simple as that! :)

Everything in life is temporaly. Sometimes bad things are happen, but that's gonna be a while. That's why if things are good come to your life, you must be enjoy it because it won't be last forever.

Happy Sunday! :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Love take the photos

gaudi dress, iwearUP heels
photo by The Photograph

Finally, i got someone who can took my photo style. 
I kind a like this. How do you think?
Seriously, i think i must buy a new camera.
Because i really like take a photos about my style and everything.
Hope you like this photo!
Thank you for my sister friends who already came last saturday.
I really appriciate for this.

And you can see my photo on Chictopia too.. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday is the best time...




adorable projects boots, cache-cache dress

...to reach your dream.