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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year Eve, Green!

Wow! I can't believe it! New Year Eve is today!
So, how great your day today? I hope it will be so so good.
Here are my favorite outfits and stories on 2013. 
Still, in the green themes.

The dress that i really love it.

The day i felt wonderful.

The day that i spent with my friends on Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. That was really fun!

Can you look how happy i am in this picture? That was because of my outfis. Flowery day!

Green sweater and lace dress are my favorite outfit in the last month on 2013. Really love it!

My favorite stop motion  because i have a best shot ever.

Flower is become my favorite things on this year.

I've been dancing all this year. Yeay, i love dancing. Not that dancing, but photos dancing! 

So, here is my last picture on 2013. 
My first jump photos that i did it so perfectly with my camera pocket.
That means, i ready to rock 2014! 
Let's do it 2014! Give me a best best suprise ever!
Thank you 2013 to give me a lot of great experience!

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