. Love Simple Green: Every Night Has A Story

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Every Night Has A Story


This one of my story. That night, Jakarta had a bad traffic. 
Then i thinking to take a walk into Sarinah. 
There is like 1 miles. Not really far. 
Then, i felt something when i look this light in the middle of my way.
That's why i stopped and took a picture of my shoes and my dress pattern.
You know what? I think that was the beautiful night.
I got the insight about my life.
My journey is now. Am i already changed? I think so.
I am not stronger that like what you think. 
But i believe i can be more stronger more than i think.
Because i have a dream and a faith about my life.
So, that's why that night was not really dark for me.

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