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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Old Dress, Little Mix

Being old doesn't mean time will stop in there. It same with my old outfits. Here is what i think. I have this dress for almost 3 years. Okay, maybe that's not really old. But i like to wear it again and again. For some girls, using the same outfit in another day, is like a bad thing. For me, if i buy a dress, i must wear it again and again. 

It make me feel hard to throw out my dress, except those dress have a bad condition. Anyway, how do you think about my dress today? Is it good? I try a little mix with this dress. Blue jeans and Batik wedges from UP are make my outfit feel happy. Am i right?

Shoes: I Wear Up
Bag: Handmade from my friend
Dress: My Friend Online Shop

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