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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Food, Friend, Holiday

Food, Friend and Holiday! Perfect combination! Last week, i went to Surabaya for my friend wedding. It was fun and excited. Why? Because that was my first time to went by myself to the other city. It was really scared for the first, but i think i really enjoy it. I met my old friend and a new friend in there. I tried the traditional food. 

 From "Bubur Sumsum" until "Kupang Lontong." What is that? Here is the picture of those food.


This one called Bubur Manggul. They made this from, hmm, what it called, i'm not the best for this. Maybe you can look in here.

This is the place where they sell the food. You can found it in Pasar Atom. It's like a traditional market. Not only traditional food that you can find in here, but also you can buy a gold and a clothes. Nah, you can find anything in here.



This one called Kupang Lontong and Karang Asem. Kupang lontong made from a little scallop and petis ( that's like a traditional flavor)

I'm forgot about this one. But the noodles is really spicy!

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October Rebel said...

This cuisine looks delicious and interesting!