. Love Simple Green: The Red Hat

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Red Hat

red hat




                                Wedges: UP
                                Skirt     : online shop
                                Bag        : unbranded

I can't stop wear UP. Why? Because i fall in love with the models and the pattern. Here is my new UP wedges. Batik! I've been looking the wedges like this since a years ago.Then, she make this. This is so worth it. And another things that make me happy is i can wear with everything. As long my clothes don't have a pattern so it can still look simple. How about my bag? One of my favorites. 

The red hat is my only one hat that i ever have. I bought this in early year when i went to Bandung. I like it! Sometimes, what make yours photo look good is the accessories. Actually, i like the colorfull accessories like this one. How do you think?


Bianca said...

Love the pop of color with the hat! xx


Jen Hsieh said...

That hat is adorable on you! I only have one hat too since I can never find one that looks good on me. :P