. Love Simple Green: Shall We Dance?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shall We Dance?



The things is always happen in our life. Bad or good, sometimes they just pop up like that. I don't really know why that can be like that. But i realize, here is a life! Silly but beauty. 

Like my new dress. The reason why i like to dress up, because i can feel a life in this dress. Not just a life but a pretty things. You can dance, you can smile and you can pose on your camera. It was fun! 

Enjoying your life is simple. Think positive, act positively. Throw the negative with a smiling face. Be yourself! Love yourself! Ah, too many quotes right? Anyway, just enjoy your day like when you pick the dress to wear it. Happy Holiday!

green dress

UP Shoes

Wedges: UP Shoes
Dress: Unbranded


Katie Aman said...

You are gorgeous, inside and out! I love how happy you look in these photos, and your outfit is adorable. I always love the positivity I find on your blog, thank you for that!

monica said...

cute dress :)

Jen Hsieh said...

You are the sweetest and your blog posts always make me smile. :)

You look beautiful in this dress and I love how you layered it with the t-shirt underneath.