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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pose! Shoot! Click! Viola!


Doing a photoshoot like this is one of my favorite things in my life. Maybe that because when i was be a little girl, i've been dreaming to be a model. But, because i don't have a tall body, i felt, oh, i can't be a model. Eventhough, now i feel lucky because today everyone can be a model! They can have their own magazine, they can try to do every pose they want and take a photo in everywhere.

 Another things that i really like with this activity, a remix things! I like to try something with my clothes. Like this one, i try to remix with a shirt and a beautiful boots wedges. And, i don't know how, but one little things like my green necklace, make my outfits look pretty. How do you think?


Shoes: UP
Dress: Unbranded
Okay, i want to make a confession in here. Actually, my photo quality is not really good. Because i used my camera pocket. That's why, the location photo that i always took is in the middle of my backyard. The lighting in there is really good.

I've a plan to buy a new camera. But, i don't know, sometimes i scare that i can't use it or i don't use it. Well, it is so silly. I thought i can make a good photo's only with my camera pocket. Well, maybe it's not really true. Anyway, i can give you some tips for you if you have a obstacle like me while you blogging.

- Take in the outside!
It can make your photos more good than you take in the inside. In my experience, that's true!

- Don't move really fast! 
Because it is a pocket camera, so, you should be careful with your movement. Somehow, that will make your photos look blur.

- Don't be shy! 
I believe, if today your quality photo's is not good enough, someday you can have a more good quality photos.

- Be Yourself!
Stop envy, try more, take a chance! Hmm.. it is so simple, even you don't have a good camera, it doesn't mean you can't have a good photos. You still can! But, just be yourself.

- Passionate
Simple right? Once you have a passion with this activity, everything will be great.

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