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Friday, October 4, 2013

Give Up Now?


Wedges: Up
Cardigan: Gaudi
Skirt: unbranded 

When you can still look the skies, why you should to stop?
I means, "Give up?"
Nope! You don't need it!
When you know you still have a chance, you should go for it.
I means, "Can you?"
Yes! Why not? Even is it hard.
Everybody knows, life is so d*mn hard.
So why?
When you can dream, you should to take a leap.
I means, " Try it, right?"
Yes! The ego trap is when you keep talk to your mind that "i can't or i don't want"
Let's take a dance!
Your life is full of dancing and music!
Your life is more than a colorful.
It is shining like a stars. 
Listen to the rhyme, take a step, and open your hand.

-Oktober Poetry-

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