. Love Simple Green: Saturday Night! Wedding Party Time, is it?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Saturday Night! Wedding Party Time, is it?

charles &keith heels

dorothy perkins bag

stripe dress


stripe dress, Charles & keith heels, dorothy perkins green bag

My mother cousin son's got married on last Saturday. Here is my outfit. I like this dress. Somehow, it makes me look more older than i know. I means, not older but maybe like a real women.. Not a girl anymore. #wish! Anyway, the last picture is with my beautiful sister (still the big sister of my mother cousin son's). Yeah, my Mom have a lot of relatives. I even don't know all of them. Some of them live in Malang, Surabaya and Canbera, Australia. I just met one of them. Sadly, i don't take a picture with her. She's so beautiful. 

Well, maybe that's why my Mom alwasy asked me to accompany her to meet her family. So, she can introduce me to them. But, it's a lot! I don't even remind their name! Haha.. Silly!

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