. Love Simple Green: 17 August: Red and White Independence Day

Sunday, August 18, 2013

17 August: Red and White Independence Day




i wear UP


Wedges from UP ; Dress from Mangga Dua ; Bag From Bandung

Today, we celebrate Indonesia Independence Day. Actually, we have a several tradition. In the morning, we begin with a ceremony. After that, we start with several competition such as, panjat pinang (it's like we climb trees and grab the present), eating crackers, and many more. When i was a little, i loved to play all the game like that. But, now, maybe i prefer to stay home and watching.

So, today, is a special day in our country. That's why i wore a red cardigan and white dress. I love this color! It is our symbolize. 

 Happy Birthday Indonesia!

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