. Love Simple Green: August 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

17 August: Red and White Independence Day




i wear UP


Wedges from UP ; Dress from Mangga Dua ; Bag From Bandung

Today, we celebrate Indonesia Independence Day. Actually, we have a several tradition. In the morning, we begin with a ceremony. After that, we start with several competition such as, panjat pinang (it's like we climb trees and grab the present), eating crackers, and many more. When i was a little, i loved to play all the game like that. But, now, maybe i prefer to stay home and watching.

So, today, is a special day in our country. That's why i wore a red cardigan and white dress. I love this color! It is our symbolize. 

 Happy Birthday Indonesia!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Holding Hand

hand sketch

My drawing is not really good but i like it!
I like the idea's behind the holding hand.
That's my favorite things to do with someone.
Love it!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sun Day White



green cardigan

I wear UP Shoes

satchel bag


dress white

 Up Shoes, Hardware Dress, Knit & Co Cardigan

Today is Sunday again? Wow, i can't believe it, my holiday is almost over! So, tomorrow, i must back to reality? Ah, sometimes i just want to stay longer in somewhere. Just to look a skies, feel the wind and without think anything. Maybe, that day is gonna be my wonderful life. I bet i will have a BIG SMILE more than this.

Anyway, i kind like this white dress. It makes me want to remix with something else. Any thoughts? Well, soon i will share you how i remix this dress.

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wonderful Life

UP Shoes


i wear up

forever 21 shirt, unbranded dress, UP wedges

Can you imagine how wonderful your life? Well, if it's hard for you, let me tell you one tips to look your life is wonderful.

Take a Photos! Memories is the best tools to look your life. Sometimes, we can't picture the past, but we can see our smile on the photos that we took in every happy moments. So, when you feel down and sad, just open the "photos" book again or look the video about your beauty smile in every moments with your family and friends. Even only you in that picture, believe me, that's the real you. 

Happy Wonderful Life! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah- One Day Trip Around Indonesia

love statue

traditional house


bye bye train




old bus

transportation museum


The day we have fun together.
The day when we went to TMII for Church and take a lot of photo.
The green stabilo shirt is my favorite Sunday Outfit.

If you visit Jakarta,  Indonesia and you want see all the Indonesia Traditional house from 33 province's in Indonesia and also the museum's, you should go to here. I can accompany you to go there and you can email me in here if you want!  I like to introduce our beautiful country to you. I will be your tour guide! Seriously! Just send me an email.  

Anyway, enjoy your day...:)

Saturday Night! Wedding Party Time, is it?

charles &keith heels

dorothy perkins bag

stripe dress


stripe dress, Charles & keith heels, dorothy perkins green bag

My mother cousin son's got married on last Saturday. Here is my outfit. I like this dress. Somehow, it makes me look more older than i know. I means, not older but maybe like a real women.. Not a girl anymore. #wish! Anyway, the last picture is with my beautiful sister (still the big sister of my mother cousin son's). Yeah, my Mom have a lot of relatives. I even don't know all of them. Some of them live in Malang, Surabaya and Canbera, Australia. I just met one of them. Sadly, i don't take a picture with her. She's so beautiful. 

Well, maybe that's why my Mom alwasy asked me to accompany her to meet her family. So, she can introduce me to them. But, it's a lot! I don't even remind their name! Haha.. Silly!