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Sunday, July 7, 2013

To Be Happy and Really Happy at The End of The Day By Cinja's

Being happy is one of the most wishes for all the people around the world. I believe with that. Somehow, i made a simple wish like that. For me, happy life is like a dress up. When you really love what you wear, you will feel more confidence. Agree?

That's why, i really like to make a some interviews with a bloggers around the world. For me, it's so much fun! Well, here is my new guest post from Cinja. Guest what, she only 22 year's old. She is younger than me but she has a really great outfits. I love her blog and of course her style. You can go to there in Cinja's Blog. Anyway, do you want to know more about her? Just take a look in here..

1. What style that you really love the most? And why?
-That's quite a tough question for me to answer! I think my personal style is quite eclectic, so there isn't just one style I go by all the time. I do love that whole Scandinavian minimalistic thing - but just to look at, otherwise it's not for me. So maybe what I like best is a style that is really just "on trend", because I'm always on the lookout for cool new things!

2. Who is the person that really inspired your style?
-Another tough question! Haha. At the end of the day, I will probably have to say my mum. She's the one that I've been going to the shops with from an early age, obviously, and I guess what I've learned from her, fashion-wise, is that you should just wear whatever you want!

3. If you can make a wish, tell me 3 of your biggest wishes in your life.
-Whoa! Essentially, to be happy, really happy at the end of the day. And to have a good career and maybe to get to see the world!

4. Can share the story of your blog journey? 
-I started my blog in 2007. Back then, it had a different name and it wasn't really about fashion. It was just for me to babble about random stuff when I got home after school. I did, however, soon get fascinated by the fashion blogging world and gave it a try myself. Of course, I've started out with blurry mirror selfies and even worse self-timer shots. But I've moved on from that and have been working on improving the quality of my content ever since.

5. Last, share with us about your lovely quotes that really make you motivate to reach your wishes.
-I've once done a whole blogpost about these type of quotes! Cool sayings really get to me and really inspire and motivate me, so I like to collect those. I like quotes that essentially tell you to never give up or really fight for something, for example "When you fall off a horse, you have to get back on" or simply "Aim high". Oh, and also "Competing makes you better, comparing makes you bitter". Ok, I could go on like this forever...


Caroline Topperman said...

These are fabulous! I love this post.

Caroline Topperman said...

Your answers are so fabulous! I'm loving this post!