. Love Simple Green: Red Hat and Flower Pink Dress

Friday, July 19, 2013

Red Hat and Flower Pink Dress


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What is my favorite outfit? Well, here is! Yes, my flowery pink dress is the one of my favorite dress ever. Actually, i like the style and the pattern in this dress. Even, the color, sometimes make me look more old. I don't know. How do you think? I means, i'm not look younger than usually when i wore this right?

Honestly, this is my favorite picture too. I took this, well, last week. The small garden is my backyard on my parents house. My favorite place to take a photos. When i took a photos in here, i feel happy. I don't why, maybe because all the green in this small garden. I've been take  a lot a photos in here


Kym said...

I LOVE this look! The three patterns that you've mixed here all look so beautiful together. And the hat! So cute :)
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Lauren said...

:O Oh my gosh this looks so fantastic!! I looove how you mixed those prints together. They look great!

Niki said...

So cute! I love your hat :)


Men Footwear Online said...

Fabulous Dress.. Looking awesome in this outfit.. Also loved your choice for flat shoes for women.. :) XoXo