. Love Simple Green: This Sunday, Let's vanish!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

This Sunday, Let's vanish!


flare skirt

shoes popflats, skirts + tops Bangkok

Hola Sunday! This week, i spend three days at home. Actually, i plan to go for holiday, but  i must worked for something else. Beside that, in Friday and Saturday, i spend my time for a movie estafet! It's really fun!

If you see my photos, i wore a flare skirts. How do you think about flare skirt trends? Well, basicly, i really love it. Do you ever see the pastel flare skirts? I put that in my wish list. flare skirts is easy to mix and match. And, yes it's like a tennis player outfit, right? 

Anyway, this is my song of the week!! I just found this band (i'm pretty bad for a song, i just know about a mainstream band, but still looking for indie bands). I mean, not all the people know them right? I think they are an indie from US. Well, do you know "A Rocket From To Moon"? I believe all of you knowing this band. Especially if you lived in USA. I like their song! Seriouslly! I just found in youtube when i was listening a Two Door Cinema Club. Or maybe just me who don't know about them? My bad! So, if you can help me, please share with me in the comment, who is your favorite indie band? From Around the worlds! 

And here is my favorite song from A Rocket From The Moon- Going Out

Let’s go out, let’s get crazy

Maybe’s not allowed
Drop everything you have that gets you down
'cause we’re going out 


Polly Bland said...

i love your smile :)

Leslie said...

I love it!

monica said...

nice outfit. I heard the song and its good.

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