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Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Last Sunday on Writing Class

Today is my last day on writing class. I took this class ten weeks later. Every Sunday i must take two hours bus until i got there. The class is very far from my house. I lived in North Jakarta, so i must go to the South Jakarta. Believe me, i've been tired but it's very fun! I've got a new friends and a new experience. So, that's so worth it, right? For me, it is.

Actually, this is my very first time to take a writing class. I've been stubborn for so long. I thought i don't need a class, but i was wrong. Suddenly, i really need it. Another things, i can learn how to be a creative in writing worlds, from making a story until the articles. Basicly, it's about a technique, logical and a storyline. And i've got it in this class! I've been bless that i got this class! Seriously!

So, one of my wish list for a new life is  done! Now, this is my time to take a more practice and prove it to myself that i really can do it!

Last but not least, here is my photo with the teacher. Her name is Ayu Utami. She is a famous writer in Indonesia. One of my favorite ( a little bit blur. but that's okay!)
ayu utami


Anonymous said...

you must be happy because having a great teacher. I adore her novel (saman and larung)so much.
Hope you become a great writer like her.

Caroline Susanto said...

Aw... you look so cute >.<

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I hope that you can join in too!
Thank you very much !