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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Morning : Big Smile!


Hello Sunday! I started this Sunday with taking this photos. How do you think? One with a big smile is my favorite because i never been good when i took a photos with a big smile. But this photos, now is become one of my favorite smile! I'm seems happy. I look to something that i don't know. Actually, i just look a sky. Even there was no a birds in there. I just make a pose in front my 'timer' camera! 


Here are my favorite 'accompany' for my outfit. Bags and shoes! My bags is the cheapest bag i ever have. It's only  50 IDR or 3 bucks! The shoes is my new 'IWEARUP' collection from my favorite blogger. She is Diana Rikasari. I really like this! Seriouslly, it's so pretty! You can wear this with everything. A shorts and tights, a dress or a long pants. Even with a jeans, you can still look stylish. 


UP SHoes


Last pose for today!  Love it! I pretends like i'm walking and i found something that make me happy! Again, another big smile! Love Sunday! How about you? Hope you have the same feel too.


Leslie said...

Super cute outfit! I love the shoes.

Ester Durães said...

wow I love your satchel and your wedges, they're both so cute!!

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