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Saturday, June 1, 2013

How To Dress Up Your Day?

I supposed to be post this review yesterday. Sorry for my late. Well, in this post, i will show to all of you how to dress up you day? Why dress can make you smile? I shared in this post. Hope you like it!

My favorite Birdie Dress is make me smile. It's so simple and it is really work when i wore with my iwearUP wedges. I like that shoes. It's kind like boost my mood. That's what i can say and it's true. My favorite dress and wedges. Perfect day!

Flowers! I always love the flowers pattern. I never feel false when i mix this with the others pattern. I think flowers is a neutral pattern ever. Even when i mix with stripes, it still look great for me. Do you agree with me? That's why i love this patterns so much. Never make me failed!

I wore this on my 25th birthday. Well, the boots is my favorite! I got the inspired from Zooey Deschanel. She is my fashion style! I like her style so much. When i wear this style, i feel more confidence. This outfit always encourage me to feel a happiness. Seriously! Well, welcome to my silly life, Guys!

How to prove that i really like dress up? Just look my smile. When you dress up, the first thing that you really like your dress is your smile. That's why this photo became one of my favorites for this month. You can check me in this dress on Chictopia and please share with me what do you think girls! 

Boots and Dress always be a perfect combination. I can wore this  in every events. This color of dress is look beautiful for me. How do you think girls? Do you like this?
I think when you dress up, you don't really need to much think about what people say to your dress. Just wear the dress that really suit with you. If that dress can boost your mood, i think you already did it a good job. Fashion is a story. When you dress up, you tell to them what is your story about.


Ira S. said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and I've really enjoyed them - it's true about your smile, you always look genuinely happy in your photos, and that makes me happy for some reason.. :D
keep posting!


Katie Aman said...

Aww, gorgeous dresses! You always look so happy in your photos which I love :) I particularly love the last dress with the little dots-it is a great color! Have a great day :)