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Sunday, May 12, 2013

What happen with our mistakes?


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UP wedges, unbranded skirt + shirt

I never told this before but i know someday i must talk about it. How many mistakes i made in my life? Well, i think a lot of mistakes. So, what will happen with my mistakes? That's life. If you never make a mistakes, you will never know that is a mistakes.

But, somehow, i'm to scare to make a mistakes! It's a opposite with what i already wrote right? Yes, i know.  That's me. Again, i hate to be scare to make a mistakes. A lot of peoples outside there made a lot of mistakes. I think that's okay as long you know it is a mistakes and do something to make it better.

Mistakes will make you be brave!
Mistakes will make you do something!
Mistakes will make you realizes that you have a precious life.
Mistakes will make you to take an action for get your better life.
Mistakes will make you strong for some a reason!

That's okay for your mistakes. But Don't live to long in your mistaken.Don't waste your life with your mistaken.

You have a chance to change it and make it better. As simple as that! :)

Everything in life is temporaly. Sometimes bad things are happen, but that's gonna be a while. That's why if things are good come to your life, you must be enjoy it because it won't be last forever.

Happy Sunday! :)


Prettytendency said...

Hello dear, I wish we follow him to each other?

Lucia said...

yes, can't agree more! everyone ever made a mistake