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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birdie Dress!

unbranded dress, UP wedges

Life is unfair? Well, maybe for sometimes. I don't really believe about that. What i know, life is life. No matter how is going, it just a life. You have a free choices to be what you want. I'm not saying, my life is good. What i want to share is an ordinary life.

Today, i just found a good quotes about this. "Keep going no matter what!" It is simple right? Yeay, it does. but your mind is not that simple. I had been a coward since a high school. I never be brave to go out from my house. Then, in one day, i realized, i can't be like this anymore! i must go out! I must make a choice to be what i want.

And, here is what i want. I want to keep wearing dress everytime. I want to keep smiling  in front of my camera. I want to keep writing until i don't have time anymore.

Maybe, when doubt sounds creepy, it's the time to pray!

Have a nice day!

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