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Saturday, April 6, 2013

One Step Closer to Easy Way With DSKON!


Actually, I prefer going to shopping at the mall. But somehow when I bought a clothes by online, i feels like  buying a present. They will give you a suprise then you will enjoy it. Because, you don't know how is look and you never touch it. So, you must imagine how it is look by a photos, right? And what i like is when someone deliver my stuff and when i open it. It's like, "wow". I really enjoy it.

Now, maybe  I prefer to shopping by online then going to the mall since everything now can be explore via internet. And online shopping always give me an easy way to get something new. Kind a new hobby for me. Every month, I would like to buy a new clothes by online.

And guess what? I found a new website. Maybe some of you already know about this webiste. But for me, it is kind a new. That's why i want to share with you. You already one step closer to real shopping. Well, trust me you will like it. The website name called Dskon. It's really fun website and a trusted site! Dskon is an Indonesian fashion portal where you can find the very best deal in town, products and brand reviews, exclusive promo offers, even fashion tips and tricks on how to maximize your look!You can get shopping and reading many articles about fashion. Sounds great right?


Why? For me, with those content, i  found a new references for my style. So i can try a new looks too.You could browse many things with different categories on their blog also.

Still worry to shop online? Well, here is my tips so you can feel comfort to buy online.

* Make sure you really like it.  So, you can be a smart buyer. Because it is online, sometimes we need to make sure the stuff is really good like what we expected. Or you will be disapointed.
* Simple, TRUST! Yes, you must to trust with that online shop. For me, when i look this website, i took a research first. I read the reviews from the customers who already bought in there. And the results, this website have a good reviews. Seriously! Now, i can trust it.
* Believe! Like i said before, shopping by online is like get a gift. You will never know how is look in the real. Because you just look by a photos. So, that's why you must believe about the stuff you buy it.
* Take your time and ENJOY your experience. What can i say? It's your time to try and embrace experience in online worlds. I bet you will enjoy it.

So, there is no need to worry about, right? Come and explore about it now here.

Happy Saturday! :)

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simon said...

Cool ! I like it.