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Saturday, April 13, 2013

It is Better to be Fervent in Spirit by October Rebel

It's saturday.. So, today is my guest of the day yay!!
Her name is October Rebel. Why i really like to have her in my blog? Because i like her vintage style. If you don't believe, you should check out by yourself. I think she is so inspired me too. She likes Zooey Deschanel too. I think Zooey is really great woman. Hope someday i can interview her. Well, let's take a look my interview with her.. :)

1. Who is the person that really inspired for your style? the reason is.. ? 

I have so many style icons and people I look up – I think it would be hard to just choose one! I admire flapper style from silent film – Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore were wonderful. I’ve always loved singer Linda Ronstadt’s natural style during the 60s and 70s. Some contemporary stylish people I admire are Zooey Deschanel, Kimbra and Audrey Tautou in the film Amélie. At the moment, though, I’m very inspired by young ladies from the 1910s - drapey lace, white dresses, long hair and big bows? I love it! I grew up in a neighborhood where all the houses were built in the 1910s and early 20s and I think that had a big influence on my aesthetic.

 2. I looked on your blog, seems you really like skirt. Can you tell me why?

 I do love dresses and skirts. I think I prefer them because they’re flattering and I love layering them with different sorts of tights. But I ldo ove trousers and jeans too, and I really love shorts. I haven’t featured as many looks with trousers on my blog because I haven’t figured out how they fit into my style as much. But I go in phases, so you might see more jeans on my blog soon!

 3. What is your favorite outfit? It's have a unforgetable about that outfit? Maybe because it's from your grandmother, or your boyfriend. 

 I have a necklace of fake pearls that belonged to my late grandmother. They’re pretty special to me and I wore them for my wedding.

 4. If you can make a wish, tell me 3 of your biggest wishes in your life?

Hmm… I certainly wish that my husband and I could live as full-time artists and be recognized for our work someday. I’d love for us to travel the world and understand as much as we can about it. My last wish would be to maintain good health throughout our lives.

 5. Last, share with us about your lovely quotes that really make you motivate to reach your wishes.

 I love, love, love this quote from Vincent Van Gogh, taken from his April 3, 1878 letter to his brother Theo: “…it is better to be fervent in spirit, even if one accordingly makes more mistakes, than narrow-minded and overly cautious. It is good to love as much as one can, for therein lies true strength, and he who loves much does much and is capable of much, and that which is done with love is well done.” source


Rebekah Bradford said...

So cool! I'm so glad you posted this, 'cause I now love October Rebel's blog :)


Caroline Topperman said...

She looks wonderful! I love her style. What a great interview!