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Sunday, March 24, 2013

When Tribal Meet Flowers Style

style stop motion

dress unbranded, shoes popflats

It's Sunday! Yay! So, how are you doing girls?
Well, my week is so tough. I got a bad news. Well, i can't tell in here what is that.
But, i hope you can pray the best for me.
Beside that, yesterday, i spend my day with my sister.
We watched The Croods!
That's movie was really great. I loved it.

Here is the trailer

That's a coincidence with my problems when i was watched this.
I'm so scare to go outside and see the world.
That's why, my ideas always stuck in there and never grow up.
But after i watched this movie, my mind was open again.
Here is my best quotes from this movie in this dialog when grug thinking how to meet his family. Then he got the ideas!You should watch this movie! I bet you will love it too. 

" what guy will doing? what guy will doing? what am i gonna doing?


Caroline Topperman said...

I hope everything turns out okay for you! Looking forward to seeing that movie.

Novarinna Tan said...

How i love your shoes <333

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