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Monday, March 4, 2013

When I Fall in Love with shoes


To introduce my Instagram, i'm post the most thing that i really love.

 I can't lie to you that i really love shoes. When i'm shopping, first thing that i saw were shoes.
That's true what people say about fall in love. Maybe, here i am. 
I can't take my eyes over shoes. Someday, i will make my own shoes line. Hope so.
By the way, i have a great news. In a few weeks later, you will see a new me.
Yes, i re-design my blog and i will put more content.
The important is, i will make a giveaway for all of you! 
Maybe, you will get one of those shoes. 
Before that, let's seek my blog now.
Because how knows, i make a question for giveaway task in there.
I'm promise it will be easy and unique.
Because i have a new tagline for my blog now.
What is it? Well, not now. but soon you will know it! :)

Happy Monday!


Mom Fashion World said...

Is green your favorite color?
So am I! :-)


Stella StyleArua said...

Great pics!!!