. Love Simple Green: Dancing With Smile

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dancing With Smile

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Here is my third stop motion. I kind a like it to make this.Oh, if you wanna see my others, get in here. It' a great Saturday for me. What am i doing? Well, just listening a jazz music such as Sondre Lerche! I kind like his voice and everytime i heard his song, i felt i made a little smile in face. It's make me imagine about something great for this life. That's the power of music right?

Oh ya, i wrote something in my others blog. This is gonna be my topic in April. So, there would be 13 title post based on those with 13 style. Wanna know how i style it? It's gonna be up soon!


Caroline Topperman said...

This is fantastic! I'm loving the stop motion and you look great!

Harlow Darling said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the colours and your little hat :)

Polly Bland said...

such a cute outfit, irene!!!

love, polly