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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Feel Like A Detective by Carmen Ri

Well, here is my febuary guest post. Her name is Carmen Ri.
She is from London and here is her blog.
Do you know what her favorite Movie?
Let's we see in her.
And also, you can see her style based on the movie! :)

1. What the most thing that you really like?

I love to act and I love to watch to watch tv shows and films. I really love shows like Castle, Sherlock, Supernatural, Fringe and Elementary at the moment. Detective shows are the best!

This one is really 90's! I based this look on Chun Li from Streetfighter! It plays on the idea that I love to act :) 

2. can you share why do you like that activity?

I enjoy the emotions that films, tv and acting bring out in me! 

I picked these because this trench makes me feel like I've stepped out of Castle or Sherlock! I feel like a detective aha! 

3. what is your favorite quotes from that? 

I can't remember any quotes from any of those right now but I always remember this quote "Somewhere a village is missing its idiot" It's from one of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (which is one of my all time favourite book series) and I can really relate. I often clumsy and say silly things that don't make sense! 

4. where is the place that you really wants to go?

 I really want to visit America and Japan. Also Korea and Italy!

5. What year that the trends is really inspiring you? 

Is that 60 or 70or 80 or 90 or 2000? and why? :) I would pick the 60's and the 90's. I can't decide between the two. The 60's looks like they had so much fun with fashion! The 90's because of the crop tops, denim and tie dye aha. 

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Ylenia said...

Great interview! And beautiful photos!
I'll be sure to check her blog :)
All the best