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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Simply Be Happy - Lauren Pfieffer

Hello!! Let's meet my new guest post.
I just interviewed her last year, but is still fresh from the oven.
By the way, her name is Lauren Pfieffer. You can look her blog. She has a great blog and style.
That's why, i really want to interview her. She is from Ohio. Well, let's see what her think about 2013! 
I hope you enjoy it! 

 What is your biggest  hope and dream for your life?

To just simply be happy. I've delt with major depression for a great portion of my life and I've hardly ever known what it's like to be really and truly happy. Since I recognized my depression though and started a new life away at college I have never been closer to happiness. It's all I want in life. To feel that because if you're not happy in life, then what do you have?

2.  What is your resolution for the new year?

To forgive. Firstly, my ex boyfriend who has hurt me in so many ways, ways that almost seem unrepairable. I know that he deserves forgiveness and that I don't want my heart to harbor so much resentment towards him in 2013. Also, to forgive myself for all the things I've done to my body AND mind the past year. I need to move on, leave that Lauren behind, not feel guilty, and appreciate the new one :)
3. Who is your figure person that really inspire you?

It sounds so silly, but any girl who has confidence and truly loves herself. When I see that, I can't help but be inspired and want to love myself, my style, and who I am, too!

4. Can you share about your favorite style?

I love style that borrows tips and hints from the past. Romance and nostalgia will never go out of style; they are a link that will forever be infinite.

5. What is your quotes that really accompany you for your life? 

My ALL TIME favorite is by Dr. Seuss and it's, "be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." 


libys11 said...

her style is so feminine and dainty!!! lovely looks and great post abt her!

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M GJ said...

God, beautiful outfits!! love them! and the interview

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Melanie Pangilinan said...

What a great guest post! She sounds so sweet. Hope the new year will bring her even better memories and forget the past. =)


Francesca Rose said...

wow her clothes are luscious!

Francesca xo