. Love Simple Green: How-To Wore Black Dress?

Monday, January 28, 2013

How-To Wore Black Dress?

unbranded dress, iwearUP wedges

 I don't really good to wore a black dress. Somehow, black is suit with me. That's why, i try many experience to wore black dress.How i wore black dress?
- Be Simple! Black is a elegant color. So, be simple with that color. I usually mix with a simple outwears such as a cardigan or jeans jacket.
- Pick a colorful outwear or accessories. Why? So, your colors is not dead. That's why i wore a green neon necklaces to make my dress look bright.
- Wedges o heels? For me, i feel look tall when i wore heels or wedges. Because that's really suit with dress. And because i have a petite body. With heels, i feel more confidence.

Well, black is not bad color, even is not my favorite. But still, black can make you look more pretty. So, don't be scare to try unusual colors! 

New things is always a be good!  


A Certain Vintage said...

I love the bright green with the black dress. You look elegant but young too :)

Fragile Bird said...

Oooh I love this look

Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)




samecookiesdifferent said...

Like your dress - and your collar necklace is amazing in addition
much LVE

VIPXO said...

Love the pop of colour! xo


Jennifer said...

Super cute!

xo Jennifer