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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Things Worth Having Are Worth Waiting For- By Grace

Dear All,

So i just found a great blog. And let me introduce my next guest post. She is really pretty , her name is Grace. She is from Poland. By the way, she is really young. She just 18th years old. Her blog called Graceful Actually, i really like her style. That's why , i'm interviewing her. So here is the result. Hope it can inspiring you.. 

1. What is your biggest dream? And can you share about your journey to reach it?

By now my biggest dream is to travel around the world and always be surrounded by people I love. I'd like to go to the USA, hope to fly there next summer!

2. Tell me your 3 biggest wishes in the future. and what is your hope for the new year?

My future wishes:
- Always stay positive and be full of happiness
- To have a dream job and a beautiful house at the seaside
- Never loose my friends and relatives, however this is just a pipe dream

About the New Year's resolutions- I'd like to be more hard-working and organised. I'm so lazy, can't manage to do anything properly!

3. Who is your figure that really inspire you?

There are many fashion icons which really inspire me, I like e.g Olivia Palermo's minimalistic style or a tomboyish, yet feminine and chic outfits worn by Alexa Chung. Not to mention the blogosphere- i love swedish girls, they have such an amazing sense of style! 

4. Can you share about your favorite style?

My favorite style.. I would say a mix of girly, romantic clothes with some rock, 'heavy' elements, like a studded leather jacket paired with a lace dress.

5 What is your quotes that really accompany you for your life?  

Things worth having are worth waiting for.


Haley said...

The dresses are so cute.
Haley www.instyleforless.org

HighlandFling said...

Beautiful photos honey!!

Emma x