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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dreams, Kercheifs, and a Box of Rain by Kym

Hi Dear,

So, here is my new guest post. She is my new friends, from United State. Her name is Kym and her blog called Bitty And Bunny. She is a lovely girls. I like to read her blog daily. That's why i asked her to be my guest post. For me, all my guests post are really inspiring me. Anyway, so let's take a look. She will share to all of you about her dreams. Hope you will enjoy it! 

1. what is your biggest dream? 

Right now my dream is to move with my boyfriend to his home country of Switzerland.  This will be a big step because I've never lived outside of my own state, let alone outside of my country.  And although I know it will be difficult to adjust at first, I also know it will be an amazing experience that I will never forget; one that will help me to expand my knowledge of different people and different cultures, to see new things, try new food, meet new people, and live life in a new way.  I'd love to see how things differ outside of my little bubble in the USA.  And while I'm there I would also love to learn to speak French and German, which are some of the languages spoken there.  I'm sure it will be a struggle, but it will be so rewarding when I accomplish it. 
But ultimately, my biggest dream in life is really a very simple one.  It's to marry my boyfriend and rescue a few shelter dogs (preferably pit bulls), and maybe one day, even adopt a child.  I want to own a nice, cozy house somewhere that makes us happy, where we can have a backyard big enough for us to do all of the things we love to do at home: sit around the fire pit, enjoy a good book while swinging in the hammock, let the dogs & kids run around and play, build snowmen, have barbeques with friends, and grow veggies in a small garden.  As cliche as it sounds, what it really boils down to is what I think most of us want - to be happy and lead fulfilling lives full of sunshine, laughter, good times, and happy memories.

2. Who is the person that inspired you for your style?

 My style is ever-changing, and I find inspiration everywhere.  I am inspired by others' style blogs, by random women that I see in the street, by Pinterest, and even sometimes by catalogs.  My grandmother dressed impeccably and always took extraordinarily good care of her clothing.  Her style was very fancy and formal, and while that's not how I would describe my own style, I certainly see little parts of her taste influencing mine.  For example, she had a love of beautiful silk scarves and gorgeous vintage brooches, and amassed quite a large collection that I was lucky enough to inherit from her.  I incorporate those items into my style in a different way than she did, but it's nice to know that a part of what made her happy getting dressed all those years ago is still making me happy when I get dressed today.

3. Can you share about your journey to reach your dream? 

Right now, the dream I'm working towards is moving to Switzerland.  My boyfriend and I sat down a few weeks ago and made a list of all the things we'd have to do in preparation of the move.  There is a surprisingly large amount of all different kinds of tasks to be done!  I'm slowly working on those things (like trying to find how much it will cost to ship our possessions there, and if it's possible to ship our car as well, looking for jobs, possibly getting married (eek!) so that I'll have an easier time getting a visa, and looking for an apartment - just to name a few).  Plus, I've been practicing my French (which I took for 7 years in school), and trying to learn German.  Hopefully all this work will be worth it in the end!
4. What is the very unforgettable moment in your life? Can you share about that? Maybe something that really inspired your life. 

One of the biggest moments that changed my life was traveling to Europe for the first time.  It opened my eyes to how different life can be outside of what I know in America.  I now love to travel, and find that one of my favorite parts of visiting any new place is to see how the people there live their lives with all of the interesting food, language, music, and customs that are part of their societies.

5. What is your favorite quotes?and why? :) 

I am very much influenced by music, and I feel a strong connection to it.  One of my favorite quotes is from a Grateful Dead song called "Box of Rain" which is about the earth, and it says, "Such a long, long time to be gone, and a short time to be there."  It refers to how short and precious our time on Earth really is.  It reminds me to appreciate life.  I find it so very beautiful and poetic. 


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