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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dream for New Year by Rory from Wear Abouts

Dear All,

When the first time i did my interview for my favorite bloggers, i felt scared. How about they don't want? And then, i did it. They want to be my guest post. It really be honor to know all of them. They are really inspiring for me.

So, here is my last guest post for this year. She is from Wear Abouts blog. Her name is Rory and she is 17th years old. I think she is really inspiring. :) Anyway, hope you like this interview. See you in my next guest post in 2013. :)

1. What is your biggest  hope and dream for your life?

I want to be both a writer and an important figure in the fashion world. Perhaps I'll work for Vogue, or Seventeen, or some fashion magazine where I can use both of those talents!

2.  what is your resolution for the new year?

Wear what I want to wear! A lot of times, although I say I dress for myself, I dress to impress other people. And that influences what I wear! So my resolution is to not dress for anyone but me. You'd be surprised how hard that can be!

3. Who is your figure person that really inspire you?

Linda from the blog Trendy Teal. She's so open and honest on her blog! And that girl really knows a lot about life, for an 18 year old. She's way wise beyond her years! I learn so much from just reading her posts :)

4. Can you share about your favorite style?

I am really into delicate jewelry this fall; simple stud earrings, layered delicate necklaces, thin rings, etc. I also love body con skirts with a tank and a chambray shirt or a button up. My favorite thing EVER is booties! I love boots and shoes in general, and booties would have to be my favorites!

5. What is your quotes that really accompany you for your life? 

"Do what you love, love what you do"


Rory said...

YAY thank you for featuring me! :)

windiland said...

she is so stunning!

ChicStreetChoc Eriel said...

Amazing post!!i really love the pics!
My congrats dear for your blog!