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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dream Journey - Kristy

Dear All,

Here is my other guest post. Who is she? So, her name is Kristy, she is from Monochroma Chic blog. She lives in Toronto. Do you want to know more about her? What her biggest dream? Let's read this.. 

1. What is your biggest dream? 

I want to have a successful career as a buyer in the retail industry

2. I like how you mix and match your clothes, can you share me something about your style? How you get the inspired, what your very favorite outfit, etc.

 I always choose comfort & fit over trends. If a particular trend doesn't work with my body type, I wouldn't wear it. I get inspired from fellow bloggers and street-style looks :)

3. If you have a chance to go somewhere, where you will go? And why? (it's like your dream place).. 

I would love to visit Santorini in Greece. I've been going to urban destinations for my vacations, so something scenic and by the sea would be a good change :)

4. everyone have a wishes. It's not same with dream. So, can you tell me your 3 wishes? :)
- I wish people would stop killing each other
- I wish to lose 10 lbs and maintain it :p
- I wish I could see my future and plan ahead

5. What is your favorite quotes, that accompany you to your dream journey? 

I have two:

- Age is mind over matter, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter  
- Knowledge is power

so, there are the interview.. How do you think? do you like her style? For me, that's a simple style but looks fun. Hope your enjoy this post. See ya next post.. :)

Happy Saturday! 


Marisa Violeta said...

Such an inspiring post! She is gorgeous :)

Amber said...

Hey irene!

What a great post. I love the questions... fun, and short and inspiring to hear the answers! Also, she has really great style. Love that last outfit. Thanks for posting this!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Jen Hsieh said...

I love this guest post! I've been reading Kristy's blog for a while now and I always love the way she pieces together her looks. :)

antonis said...

very nice!!! thanks for sharing

grafeio teleton