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Sunday, November 18, 2012


ninetynine icon boots, unbranded skirt+cardigan, Istana Acc necklace

It was a raining today. I like Jakarta when it was raining.
Well, what else that i like in today?
Oh, yesterday i watched the movie called The Letters Writer.
I like what he did to other people. He wrote a letters about how precious this life and gave to the strangers.
This the quotes that i like from that movie 
" If you think you are alone, you wrong.
You never been alone...
Just follow your heart, then you will find your way"

So simple right? That's only the points from the movie.
By the way, i cried when i watched this movie. Really touching for me. 

Happy Sunday! 


Putri Valentina said...

love your necklace dear :D
so cuteee :)


AhkaVintage said...

Lovely combination - I like the simplicity of it!

Sindy said...

such a lovely outfit! and amazing photos!