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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sometimes Not NEED a plan

Dear You,

Life must go on. Even you really wants to die or kill yourself. But life still in there. It would be in the two ways and two things to be afraid. One, is the past time. Two, is the future time. One, is the risk, two, is to be happy. If you give up all of that things, it means you like kill yourself. But i believe in the deep down of your heart, you still want to keep alive. Even life is sucks and hard to do, you still think to be alive.

 Life just a life. And it would be a life. How to make it work? So simple. Deal with it. Responsible with all risks. Take a risk, look for a solve, and deal it. Again, it's hard to do. But life is full of HAPPINESS. that's the truth. You don't deserve to give up. You deserve to looking about it.

 Don't think to much what you must plan. sometimes, life not need a plan. What life need is take a breath, take a chance, take a risk, take the opportunities, take a life, and think that life is  like a gold. Because life is the GREATEST THINGS ever. So, don't die, or kill yourself. Don't give up! keep walking and let it be..

TRY HARDER to STAY ALIVE! Everyone now in the same path of life  but in the different stories.

Welcome to THE SILLY WORLD. Welcome to THE REAL TIME! :)

So, let's dance and take a risk.
Let's reach that silly dream.
Let's try the things that you really curious about.
Let's do it! 
Let's live in YOUR LIFE! 

Don't give up fellas! :)


Jenny said...

you look cute in this dress :D

X Jenny

Anne said...

Your dress is so cute !


Michaela Scalisi said...


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xx Michaela

chrissi said...

Love the dress!


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Owen said...

Thankyou for leaving a comment, it was from jogja (at malioboro). Lovely dress!!

Veronica said...

Very cute and feminine outfit! Love it!
Following you now, take a look at my blog when you get a minute.
I'd appreciate it:)


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Soulofashopper said...

love the dress!!!! xo, Alma

Maria Regina P. said...

beautful dress!!

Love, Maria