. Love Simple Green: Dance.. Dance.. Dance

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dance.. Dance.. Dance

Took a photo's for me is like dancing with jazz song.
It's really calm and make me wants take a lot of photo's
Yay, this life is so much fun.
You can dance, take a picture, and write in your blog.

So, just challenge your life with photo things.

Lot of fun! 


Jessica Paramartha said...

love your skirt! :)
thanks for your lovely comment <3

cheers, Jessica

saraswati said...

i really like your colourfull combination.

Kameranya sudah bisa dipakai lagi?

Benlovesting said...

Sweet outfit! :)

Cathleen said...

You look charming:)
very nice mix of colors

irene wibowo said...

yes sudah bisa dipakai.. Yay! :) Thanks... :)

irene wibowo said...

thank you cathleen.. :)

Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

I absolutely love that caridgan it is the prettiest color! And those shoes are awesome. Just found your blog! I love it!

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

You look lovely!!!

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Naomi George said...

I love this entire outfit! Everything works perfect together!

♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

Shelbby said...

Loving your outfit!


Katie Frank said...

wow this look is pretty cool <3 this yellow is beautiful. would you like to follow each other?

Shannon said...