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Saturday, June 23, 2012

saturday green

It's saturday! we must feel fun. anyway,now i have an instagram. follow me!yeay. :)
So, what must happen today is :
1. feel happy
2. feel fun
3. take a rest
4. laugh and laugh and laugh

Why? Because it's the time when you can stop for a moment to thinking about your job.
Seriously, sometimes we need stop for a moment. Just a little time.
Then, in Monday we feel new day again.

Yay! :)
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LIKE MY SWAG said...

I like your green dress. Hope u had fun today


Well... said...

I just looove this adorable green dress on you girl!
Absolutely lovely. Great style and blog.
Count me as your newest follower!
Hopefully we can follow each other? :)

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Angela said...

J'adore vert!!! Elle est tres jolie ta robe!!!

Angela Donava

Vivi K said...

So pretty! Love the green!

mymy said...

yOU look lovely in that dress ! :)


Carmen Ri said...

You look so cute in green! Love the dress!

Carmen Ri.

Anonymous said...

you look so fresh dear...

pengobatan tradisional batu ginjal said...

i like green,,,,

Anonymous said...

you look so fresh dear...

still waiting for your new post

Jennifer said...

Very pretty dress!

xo Jennifer