. Love Simple Green: Good Friday

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

So, happy Easter for all of you.. :)
This is my outfit when i'm went to church this afternoon. Today, we celebrate the moment when Jesus died. 
I got many things this year. Then i must be thankful for everything that He already gave me.
Yesterday, I walked from Atmajaya University in Central Jakarta to St. Katedral Church. It almost 50 KM.
Yes, we walked to remember about Jesus.We tried to reflection about our life. How great is our God. He died for us. His sacrifice was very lovely. I live in here, because of Him.
What He wants now? To share His love for everyone.
Love is Him

Eleanor Powell


sabrina maida said...

aww red is always good!! love your skirt. hapy ester


anna said...

lovely shoes!!