. Love Simple Green: Smile In Love

Friday, January 20, 2012

Smile In Love

I think this smile is for a love.
Yes, maybe i fall in love with...
Hmm.. i will tell you the story later.
But, im so blessed for the begining in this year.
I don't know why, but my dream like will be come true..
Just pray for me.. :) hope everything okay. :)
Love is a simple thing but with big effort for your life.
So, be in love then you will know how to be happy and broken.
Take a risk for love, then your life will look great. 
Don't worry! You'll never walk alone.


Becky Tjandera said...

What a lovely outfit :)

Lidiya said...

The photos are so cute, I love the green blazer <3

Marisa Violeta said...

Such lovely sandals :)