. Love Simple Green: July 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Colorful

Welcome to Sunday! :)
I love sunday too. Why? Because i can go to church and it can be my lazy day. Yeay!! :)
This is my dress for sunday. I called this colorful. It's like a rainbow. I always spent my sunday time with sleep, watching movie or hangouts with my family. I called today is my free time. Oh yeay, sometimes i write in this day too. When i got an idea for make some story, then i will spent all day with writing. What a good day, rights?

I like this photo unfortunately blur. Sad! 

Look my green camera! Oh really love it! Yay!

This is my look with 9  cm heels. I'm not short anymore! I like high heels, but i'm just wearing in some event. Why?  Because i couldn't stand a long time with boots. My bad! That's why i really love flat shoes. 

Anyway, thanks GOD it's sunday and tomorrow it's a new day!
Hope you can have a Sunday Colorful too. Happy Sunday!

And this is quotes of the day, yay!! :)

Unbranded dress, Icon Ninety 9 boots

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." 
                                                                                             — Maya Angelou-

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." 
                                                                                                — Albert Einstein

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Love Green

This is my outfit to the office last day. Really green! That's why i love green.

Here's my new green shoes by Yongki Komaladi. I proud being Indonesia. Really green and nice shoes rights?

So, here is the day when i feel good. But i had a bad day in the night when i wait a bus for home. Really crowded! Thank's God i'm okay.
O ya, here is the deal. In this blog you can read 5 tops topic that i already created. It just from my mind. Hope you can like it. :
 1. #JustRealize is the topic about what i realize from my life that what i saw and heard in this life. You can open my this type blog post in here

2. Story is about my story like this in here and review is about my review about movie, song, and another things like this

3.Random Tuesday is about everything. Maybe if you want to be my guest in my blog you can email me lovesimplegreen@gmail.com i would like to have you in my blog and i will put you in this topic. Like this

4#WishInFriday  is my wish for someday. It's like what i really wants to do and want to make it happen. You can read my first #WishInFriday

5. Quotes and Thanks is a my favorite word. You can open here to read the quotes. It will be like a poems or a sentence which either i will make by myself or i will googling.

So, that are the topic's for a new month! Yay!! I really excited to do this new things. Oh yeay, i will never forget to give you a quotes in every my blog post. So, this is for today :

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks."
 - William Shakespeare -

"Just a "thank you" is a mighty powerful prayer. Says it all." 
- Rosie Cash

Happy nice weekend people! ;)

Friday, July 29, 2011

#WishInFriday : I want to know how to sew

Okay, It's Friday. I will tell you my wish for today. I love skirts and dresses , so this is my dreams  
" i wish i can sew and make my own skirts and dresses from my own sketch."

Look this picture! This is me with the skirts! 

  Sorry for quality from this picture, i used camera phone because i don't have a camera yet when i took this photo

I really inspired from this photo's when i blogwalking. I like the style from Meg's blog and   Tieka (tee-kuh)'s blog. I already made a review about them. Yes, i really love it! 

I found a blog which teach about e-course from this A Beautiful Mess. But is really expensive to learn from that. So, this is my wish, i hope i can take a course from her.

Yes, that's my wish. I have some sketch, look this. This is the sketch that i made by myself. 
How do you think?

Hope someday i can made a dress from this sketch! :)

And i can have a mobile like this to sell my dress and skirt. Really green! So jealous with this mobile. I got this photo from Sea Of Shoes blog.And hope i found in Indonesia. Really nice.. :)

Nothing happens unless first we dream.
- Carl Sandburg-

Thursday, July 28, 2011

#JustRealize : Pay It Forward is Amazing things

Sorry, for today, i will write in Bahasa Indonesia. But don't worry you can use google translate in my blog to read this :)

Hari ini ada kejadian membuat gue teringat sama film berjudul "Pay It Forward." Cerita dalam film ini sangat sederhana, namun isi pesannya sangat bagus. Kalau kita lihat gambar dibawah, ini adalah adegan ketika Trevor disuruh untuk membuat sebuah rencana. Dan ide dia sangat sederhana, tentang "Pay It Forward" atau bayar dimuka. Kebaikan yang bisa kita bagikan dan pada akhirnya kebaikan itu akan menyebar.

Saya merasakan dampak dari Pay It Forward ini dalam kejadian hari ini. Sederhana, beberapa hari yang lalu, saya memberikan tempat duduk kepada seorang ibu ketika naik bus. Lalu, hari ini,seorang memberikan saya tempat duduk saat bus sangat ramai. Yap, ini sederhana sekali, namun membuat saya teringat akan kebenaran mengenai teori ini. Kebaikan akan selalu dibalas dengan kebaikan.

So, jangan takut untuk berbagi dan memberi! Saya belajar dari kakak saya dan teman saya yang sangat mudah memberi. Memang benar, tidak perlu menunggu kaya untuk berbagi. Selama kau bisa berbagi, maka berbagilah. 

Saya teringat banyak hal sederhana yang terbayar kembali dalam hidup saya atas apa yang telah saya lakukan. Tuhan tahu kebaikan kita, tanpa kita menghitung. Bila semua orang di dunia melakukan hal ini, saya percaya, kebahagiaan dan kedamaian akan terasa. Berikan dengan ikhlas, berbagilah dalam doa, jangan pernah menghitung apa yang berikan, dan BERSYUKURLAH selalu!

Thanks GOD! 

Sometimes The Simplest Idea Can Make The Biggest Difference.
When someone does you a big favor, don't pay it back... Pay It Forward.
Some favours you are not allowed to pay back.

“The only time you should look down at someone, is when you are helping them up.”
Jesse Jackson

You Got Me!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


life is so pretty simple. you do some stuff. most fails. some works. you do more of what works.

if it works big, others quickly copy it. then you do something else. the trick is the doing something else.

-Leonardo da vinci-

#JustRealize : I really proud for that dream

Yeay! I really proud for my first book.This is the story when i launched my book. My book title is "Tangga" (Stairs). It's about a short story's.There are a hundred story and i wrote each of them only in 100 words. It's called a flash fiction. That's my passion about writing. I really like to wrote a short story.

This is my first picture. I took this photo last year.
I joined on "99 writers in 9days" from Nulisbuku events. (They publish my book for free)

So proud to hold this book! Thanks GOD! :)

This is when they print my book before became a real book. :)

 Me and my first buyer. He is my friends. Thanks for buy bro! 

This is a new design for my book.

Really proud! Yeay! You must buy it! Oh, you can buy in here . But my books is only sold in bahasa Indonesia. :) So sorry. :)

My book already launched last year and this is the best gift ever. Why? Because this book is my little dream which is come true. Finally, i met a lot of writers and blogger, because of the book. That's the dream.

Thanks to nulisbuku for publish my dream. :)

O yeay, i really wants re-design this book. I really make a new layout and new cover. Who can help me? ;p

So,this is the point about this post that i will never give up to reach my another think.I realize if this dream can come true, so it is really possible to make my another dream become true.


Don't give up! 
You should proud yourself! 
You deserve to have a dream and should proud about it!

" I love myself the way i am." -Penelope-

" I have a dream" - Weslife-

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#Random Tuesday

It's a Tuesday people. I woke up in early morning. Then, i went to the office. Thanks God, i got a bus at 7 AM. Not really crowded today, and i'm not met a annoyed people. Thanks God.

I want to show my work. Yes, i made this, the yellow one in FGD Expo last Friday. It's cute right?
It's called paper replika or paper craft. Am i right? 

This is my lovely bracelet ( the right hand). I got three of them from my sister and her friends. And the other hand is my good friend hands. Her name is Ratna. You can open her facebook here. She is my neighbor, but now she moved to Serpong.  I miss her. 

And the last photo, is me! I took this photo last week. When me and my friends have lunch at Plaza Semanggi, near our office. I bought the glass of tea. The big one that i hold. Really big right? Bigger than my face. It's delicious. 

That's my story today.

Oh, i will give you my piece of poetry that i wrote in twitter and mentioned to @syair_malam last night. Thanks for ReTweet my tweets. @syair_malam is an account from Indonesia, that we shared a short poetry in the night. Really fun. I like to wrote for them. And this is just a random thought about hope. :)

" Ku lihat setitik terang, layaknya lelap malam, ku rasakan rindu, sesaat ku berharap mendengar suaramu "

"I see a speck of bright, like the deep night, I feel the desire, for a moment I hope to hear from you "

Monday, July 25, 2011

#JustRealize : The First time when i'm started blogging

I'm just realize, i started blogging in 2003 when Friendster booming at the first time. Yeah, it's been a long time ago. I still remember what i wrote in my first blog. About my ex-boyfriends,especially my first boyfriend in my last  grade at Junior high school. Is so silly and funny. So embarrased if i remember that. Then, i started wrote a poem. Because i really love wrote a poem. My poem always said about love and life. Yeay, i'm a thinker person.

Then funny thing was after i wrote in Friendster blog,  i knew about blogger. Then i started wrote in blogger. After that, i import all of my script to wordpress. Until now, i still blog in wordpress. Look this, my first script in wordpress (in 2007)! I wrote in bahasa. I still remember my friends told me to begun wrote in English. He said, practice make perfect! Yeay, he said in 2005. But i to scared to wrote in english. That's why my script always in Bahasa Indonesia.

This is my short story in 2011

Then in 2009 i wrote  in Facebook.

This is when i began wrote in kompasiana blog ( another blog in Indonesia)

And now, i'm back to write in Blogger.com! Yeay! i'm so happy! look my new design in my new blog!

I'm just realize now blogger more easy than wordpress to make a design. 

It's a long journey and a lot of memories i have about blogging. Until now, i still in love to write in my blog.  And i still have "that" dream that i build when i'm started to write. Hope next step in my life, "that" dream, my little dream, will come true. 

PS: Sorry if my english , my grammar, is not very good. I only ventured to write in english.

" More practice, More perfect"

Thanks my friends! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello Ghost! ( Korean Movie Review)

a picture from google search
The review from mybravetruehero

"Sang-Man Cha Tae-Hyun attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge and into a river. He fails, but the end result is that he starts seeing ghosts. Sang-Man then goes to the hospital and gets anl examination. Is he going crazy?

Meanwhile, Sang-Man meets nurse Jung Yun-Soo Kang Hye-Won at the hospital and quickly falls in love. But those pesky ghosts still haunt Sang-Man everywhere he goes. Sang-Man then attempts to help the ghosts fulfill their unrealized dreams to get them to leave him alone once and for all …” http://asianmediawiki.com/Hello_Ghost?"

This is the very touching movie! I really like this movie.  I just finished watching this movie and the ending is very unpredictable. I thought this movie is really simillar with Ghost Town a hollywood movie. But it's not. The story begun from a guy who lonely and desperate. He attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a  bridge and into a river, but he fails.  Then he starts seeing ghost. First, he saw a smoker guy, then a crying women. After that a drunk guy and a little boy. The  worst part is  the ghosts followed him everywhere. They have one wish before leave the earth. He met so many hardships when he try to fullfills of them (ghosts) wishes. He needs to do that since the psychic told him that he can't suicide before he fullfills all ghost wishes. Then, he met a nurse named Jung Yun So.

Anyway, sorry i will told the ending, then he realize the ghosts were his family. Yes, the family always followed him. His family died because a car accident which just him who save from that. 

And, the point from this film is simple which is we must love with our family. Why? because when they leave you for forever, we will feel lonely and miss them so much. And  you can't turned the time back right? So, love your family.

Last, i got this quotes become a point from this movie which is said that you'll never walk alone! My favorite quotes. :) 

This is a good korean drama comedy movie! you must watch it!:
Rating 8/10

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night!

It's saturday night! Yeay!! :) 
I really feel blessed for this week. First, i got a new camera. In the same week, i won a ticket to Ideafest workshop and FGD expo 2011 . I went with my best friends. Here's the picture. 
 Don't forget to DREAM!! :)

I like this picture.. Really great right?

This is my best friends! I'm invited him to the workshop and the FGD expo.
But, we very disspointed. Because this year, there wasn't many a design stuff in this expo.
Lucky us, we can went for free. Thanks to Reader's Digest for make me win the quiz!! :)

And this is my saturday dress. how do you think? I really like the skirt. Because is green. :)

I used a unbranded skirt and clutch, Nine west heels.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Green Camera

Finally, i decided to buy Sony Camera Pocket Cybershot W530. Wohoo! Then i can took a photo by that. This is my yard, in front my house. My mom really like plants. Its called "Belimbing" Tree and " Kamboja" flowers ( it's called in Bahasa, i don't know the english ;p)

Look, my little green camera. Its nice rights? Thats my sister room. 

This is me in my little back yard at my mom's home. I wear up , it's really comfortable wedges i ever wore. You must try and buy it! 

Oh, really love...Thanks God! My dreams come true.. :p

Unbranded skirt, pink outwear by GAP, Shoes by up

Friday, July 15, 2011


Yeay this is friday!!  I love friday. So, tomorrow i can get a sleep. 
I will show you my office desk. Really red! It's feel like i cheating with that, but i still love green. :)

It's look nice right? :)

Happy Friday People! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I love friday green! Yeay, last friday i and my office friends went to bibliotheque near our office. That was a beautifull place. With old vintage decoration and all old book, you can look took a photo. Like me!

Thanks for dikotakita which sold this voucher for us. 
 I wore Forever 21 T-shirt, and my green  flat shoes from Little Thing She Needs.
Really love that FRIDAY, because it was my GREEN DAY. LOL. :)