. Love Simple Green: Blue Winter

Friday, December 23, 2011

Blue Winter

So, 2 days from now it will be a christmas time.
I'm so exicted. Okay, in this christmas, i hope my dreams will be come true.
Hope the best for all. :)
And, this is my outfit for work.
My winter outfit in Indonesia.
We can't feel a snow, but we can stil feel a christmas nite. 
its not the same, but it still really great time. 

Wish all the best for all... :)


Ao alcance da moda said...

ooi, Amei seu blog de verdade *-* Parabéns, seus post são lindos, gostaria que você retribuísse esse carinho no meu blog, se preciso.
obrigado !


Irene Wibowo said...