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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When Pink meet Green

So, this is my match and mix. I just got a new green skirt. Then, i remember i have a pink shirt with monkey picture on it. That's why i mix with my new green skirt. How do you think? This is my favorite looks.

My quotes of the day is : " YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU WANT DO IT!"  yeay, i think about this when i took this photo. Why i can think like this? hmm, a long time ago, someone told me that i can't do it in a new things. Because i don't have a background in there. Honestly, it was happen when i was applied for a job in a magazine. But, thats okay. Maybe it was true,that i just known a little things about a fashion. Even that, i think i have my own style that i can explore. Thanks for every fashion blogger which already gave me an inspiration and a guts. :)

I made this blog, because i just love shopping, i just love mix and match my clothes and i just really love to take a self potrait. In the first time, i thought i can't do it. But, look this, I DID IT!And thanks God i never work in there and now i have a best job i ever had. I felt blessed from my job. I met amazing people. I can learn many things. My friends is really nice. My job is lovely. Sometimes what we want is not the best but i believe GOD already know what we need before we asked Him.  :) Cheers!


swellmayde said...

u r sooo adorable!! cute outfit!

take care, aimee
diy blog: swellmayde.com

irene said...

thank you aimee.. :)

Ruth Arthasya said...

"Sometimes what we want is not the best but i believe GOD already know what we need before we asked Him." Beautiful quote by you n yep, cute top too.

irene said...

thank you ruth.. :)

two birds said...

i love pink and green together...and i love that monkey shirt! how cute!

thingsiveseenandheard said...

i think your blog is so cute - and so are you! i love your fashion style!