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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

World's Collide

So, here is my favorite song from my favorite movie called  Waiting For Forever.
This is the story about a boy who fallin in love with a girls since they were a kid. The time's goes by, their separate until the girls become a artist and the boy become a magician. So, the boy is following her all the time.Until one day, he get her love. Romantic movie and a fairy tale love movie. I love it!

And this song, is telling about the whole story. :)


Back when we were young.We ran into the sun.It's like we fell apart.Yes you stole my heart.I searched these wasted years.To wipe away the tears.As my heart began to crackWe can't go back. I can hardly speak.When you're in front of meI. can't breathe. Two paths that would not cross.You left me feeling lost.But I love you just the same. Let the magic rain.With a blanket made of stars.To wrap the both of us.As we fell into the light.Our worlds collideYes that's the way that our worlds collide.Here I am and here I stand.Our worlds collide.And I would wait for you.And I'd wait forever too.You're in, you're in my heart
It's true.


Anything but Bland said...

hi, cutie!!! i adore your clogs! they look purple-ish in the photos! LOVE!

love, polly :D:D

Irene Wibowo said...

hi polly thanks.. but it's not a clogs, is a boots. ;) and really it looks purple? because is GREEN.. hehhe :)

Thanks anyway to visited my blogs.. :)

M.M.E. said...

What an adorable outfit! LOVE the green!